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Organic Feast for Healthy Living

What is health regime?
Health regime refers to body regulation, maintenance, care and protection; Living refers to life, survival and growth; and in modern parlance, health regime means the way of anti-aging. Health regime covers many ways, including food therapy, TCM exercise therapy and mind therapy.

What is food therapy?
Food therapy, also called nutrition therapy, is a mode of utilizing the effects of suitable diet on the functions the human organism for the betterment of health and prevention against diseases. Simply put, it maintains our bodies through the way of diet.

Right diet fits for your constitution
You will probably wonder why your body is plagued by prolonged ailments even though you are conscious about your recipe and nutrients of food. You would probably note that what you are eating is just exactly the same your friends are consuming but the after-effects have chosen none other than you. The problem lies on nothing but your constitution – some food suits you and the other not.

Right diet makes you healthy against aging
Should right food, complemented with exercise in place, is consumed moderately and persistently in accordance with transition of seasons – be attentive to the preservation of yang qi during Spring and Summer and the preservation of ying qi during Autumn and Winter, your piecemeal effort will pay off and reward you with more late-coming aging. 更多>>

Healthy recipe

Health-care ingredients