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Pu Stone Spa Introduction


By combining hyperthermia and fumigation of the steam, the synergic effect of Far-infrared (resonance, thermal effect), pulsed magnetic field and wave energy is advanced to penetrate through human dermas and muscles, activating and cleansing human deep sweat glands and adipose glands, the third channel of human detoxification, facilitating organic metabolism, removing deep sweat and internal toxins, in turns making your body afresh.



An acid-base equilibrium of body is reached through the use of negative ions and electrolyzed water; endocrine is regulated and the function of superoxide dismutase is improved; blood viscosity is diluted, blood is cleaned and blockage of blood vessels is facilitated.



Human body is supplemented with negative ions to activate cells, thereby strengthening absorption of natural nutrients by the body. Immunity and natural body healing are improved along with traditional Chinese medicine.



The focus is put on day-to-day care with the use of steam sauna and consuming ionized water to keep balanced endocrine and a healthy body.

Service Procedure

1.     Putting on indoor slippers

The guest puts on indoor slippers offered by Pu Stone Spa

The guest places his or her own shoes in the shoe cabinet and returns the key to the concierge


2.     Getting registered

The guest makes a registration after returning the key to the concierge

When registration completes, a wristband is offered to the guest by our attendant


3.     Getting changed

The guest goes to the locker with assigned number from the wristband

The guest puts his or her personal belongings into the locker which opens automatically after registration

The guest can take a shower in bathing area and the puts on a robe provided by Pu Stone Spa


4.     Going to the dining room

Our guest goes to the dining room and enjoys the enzyme drink provided by Pu Stone Spa after putting on the robe

After consuming the enzyme drink, our guest goes to the health suite with a bottle of ionized water offered

The guest who has ordered food can enjoy the feast in the dining room before having the enzyme drink


5.     Entering the health suite

The guest puts his or her valuable belongings such as mobile phone in the locker outside the health suite

The guest opens the health suite door with the wristband and starts to enjoy a stone spa with timing begins

Enjoying the stone spa in the health suite:

Prone       10 minutes

Supine     10 minutes

Lying on the left side       10 minutes

Lying on the right side    10 minutes


6.     Finishing the stone spa

The guest gets back his or her personal belonging and gets changed

The guest returns the wristband, pays the bill and gets the shoe cabinet key

The guest takes back his or her shoes from the shoe cabinet


Better body contouring:

The result of a 40-minute lying on the stone is tantamount to that of a 10-kilometre run.


Improvement on skin:

Sweating can cleanse pores on skin, alleviate acnes and prevent enlargement of pores. It can also improve melisma and smoothen skin.


Soothing pains:

Massive acidic metabolic wastes such as heavy metal ions are discharged and blood can be purified. It also soothes aches and pains.


Release of pressure:

Perspiration can produce endorphin which helps release pressure and soothe hot flash, dysphoria and insomnia during menopause.


Removing fatigue:

It effectively reduces the excitement of sensory nerve ending and improves microcirculation in the head and neck. It can also facilitates fast deep sleep of the cerebrum to ensure the quality of your sleep.


Deep detoxification:

Far-infrared is released to penetrate into deeper derma and generate heats and resonance. The rate of blood flows increases as temperature rises while blood vessels dilate. This can improve microcirculation and movements of internal organs, facilitating absorption of nutrients and detoxification of long-term accumulated toxins.


Regulation of body:

Far-infrared heats up internal body and soothes premenstrual syndromes.